AoT:E v5.8 has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!


Added Lighting Ramp to Titan Shaders
Added Burst rebing, Even though I swear I already did
Added a way to Reset passwords
Added a new shader for flares
Added a new shader for Titans
Added a new shader for Characters
Added a secret Rick Roll somewhere
Added a space between character name and message in chat
Added new Cave Fight
Added scrollbar to chat
Added a way to scroll with scrollwheel
Added some color to chat
Added a backround to chat to make text easier to read
Add Character Spawn Particle Effect


Fixed Regiment Selection panel not closing after Confirming
Fixed Left hook, unhooking when Reloading
Fixed reloading not dropping blades
Fixed hook appearing to be on the titans feet to other players – Untested
Fixed multiplayer menu dissapearing sometimes
Fixed crawlers never spawning, Was a bug Feng somehow managed to overlook.
Fixed all current bugs related to the Main Menu
Fixed a UI mistake in the pause menu
Fixed over 30 small mistakes
Fixed some Grammer mistakes
Fixed some mistakes in lightning
Fixed forest being oddly blue
Fixed mistakes with the Sky
Fixed a bug related to Hooks
Fixed a visual bugs on Blades
Fixed a bug with reloading
Fixed some bugs with Titan AI
Fixed a mistake with the Pause Menu
Fixed an error with returning to main menu
Fixed incorrect color on the main menu


Small performance improvements
More Performance Improvements, Cleaned up almost all the small random spikes in fps
Remade some of Unity’s built in math functions for better performance
Duplicate Rebinds are now allowed
Trees in The City – Evolution now use Billboards when they can, Performance boost
Removed the Debug Wall of Box’s in The City – Evolution
Some Performance boosts in The City – Evolution
Cleaned up Project
Reduced overall File Size
Improved Titan Visuals
Improved Forest Tree Visuals
More cleanup of the project files
Increased the Scrolling speed of the Rebind menu more
Minor performance improvements for a large amount of players.
Major performance boost in The City – Evolution 10-20 fps boost
The Login system now tells you the State of connection to the Database
Login button is now Disabled untill the game has connected to the database.
Multiplayer button in main menu is now disabled untill the game is completely connected to the server and ready to go.
The City – Evolution now has a fairly stable fps
Removed the current Cloud system
Multiple crawlers can now spawn
Some minor graphical improvements
Lighting improvements on all maps
Reduced all loading times by about 2 seconds
Improved performacen on The City – Evolution
Removed The City II
Removed The City III
Removed Lava Forest
All Weather commands now say what was changed rather then just saying weather was changed.
You can now run commands on player names instead of just ID’s
Completely removed all old custom map systems
Removed the UI for old custom maps
Wrote the Main menu UI manager stuffs
Major performance boost in The City – Evolution agian
Cleaned up some Titan code
Cleaned up commands
Removed all the new Shaders
reverted back to old Shaders
Cleaned up old shaders
Forest is now oddly green 🙂
Minor Performance boost in weather
Rewrote Login system
Rewrote current Friend system – Still disabled untill v6
Prepared code for v6
Prepared UI for v6
Cleaned up a ton of code
Cleaned up how some commands are managed
Cleaned up some grammer in commands
Increased size of Titan Nape hitbox
Removed Cave FIght
Removed the normal map on the City – Evolution Ground
Remade the chat
Set the base for emojis which are still in the works

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