AoT:E v6 has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!


Added new emoji
Added Tonemap post effect
Added Eye Adaption Post Effect
Added Sharpen Post Effect
Added Grass
Added setting to Toggle Grass
Added Setting to adjust Density of Grass
Added Setting to adjust View Distance of Grass
Added Flowers
Added Caching to Custom Map loading, up to 4x faster loading speeds!!! Cough maybe


Fixed Camera Aligned Incorrectly
Fixed moon not Rendering at a cost: Things now sometimes render ontop of other things, I think i can fix this but i need more time
Fixed Mew1k Crashing at wave 12, atleast it should be fixed, would take to long to test it
Fixed Prism in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed Pyramid in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed Mesh in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed OBJ_Church in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed Pillar in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed Piller1 in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed Piller2 in custom maps dissapearing
Fixed /titan size min/max setting Healthmode instead of titan size
Fixed Titan Size setting not Saving/Loading
Fixed Titan Commands
Fixed Gravity not syncing
Fixed some errors with Chat not starting before the Game Manager causing a Null Reference
Fixed a rare bug where the game would become Black on load, and nothing would happen
Fixed Post effects not saving setting
Fixed the Black part on top of Blades (Not sure when this started happening)
Fixed Map names being to big to fit into the DropDown menu
Custom maps Should be fixed, every map i have tested has worked in multiplayer but i cant possible test everything so im not 100% sure its fixed yet.


Removed the /Pause command, its broken af :stuck_out_tongue:
Fov can no longer be set to anything below 10
Setting options via command now correctly updates across all methods of setting options, Bassically Options now work
PvP Should now work
Total kills and Highest damage will not be Logged if titan settings are Above the requirement
You now require a Kill for it to log any information including gaining XP
Joining a room, Restarting a room now says all the games current settings
Re-Enabled Old Titan shaders
Re-Enabled Old Tree shaders
Re-Enabled Old Leaves shaders
Re-Enabled Old Character shaders
Improved Lighting on Titan, Tree, Leaves and Character old shaders
Removed trees inside borders
Re-enabled post effect button
Improved existing Post Effects
Made huge improvements to quality of grass
Re-Enabled Falling leaves
Increased size and max count of Fallint Leaves to better fit the new Forest
Mild performance improvements to Flares
Removed Forest I and II
Re-Enabled the Old Forest Map
Renamed Old forest map to The Forest – Legacy

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