AoT:E v5.9.9c has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!


—-Forest Overhaul—-
Forest Floor switched to Terrain
Forest Floor now has small Bumbs
Added a Road through the center of the Forest
Aligned Invisible Walls to better fit the map
Increased Forest Size by double
Added 100+ trees
Adjusted Titan Respawn positions to fit the new scales
—-End for now, Ill continue to work on the new Forest over time—-
Added Godrays – but Disabled
Added support for Decimals on Weather Commands Example: /weather rain 0.5
Added Experimental Fog – Its a major performance hit atm so it will be toggled Off for now
Added Far away objects in high heat get Distorted like you see on surfaces in Deserts and such – disabled for now


Fixed Sky not rendering
Fixed all new Custom Map Models not on the correct Layer
Fixed The City being Skate
Fixed an Error regarding Sky Saving/Loading on round restart
Fixed game restarting breaking MC
Finally fixed everything related to game Settings
Fixed Flares being the wrong color
Fixed Flare lights being differant sizes
Fixed Running on top of a wagon Pulls the Wagon with you
Fixed Being Stuck on top of a Wagon
Fixed More points indicated in HUD then there are In the game OTW
Fixed Checkpoint colors not working
Fixed OTW Titans getting the last CP does not end the game
Fixed Cant see other player in OTW
Fixed Quit button on custom map loading doesnt Leave the room
Fixed Custom maps not Syncing
Fixed Custom Map Input field being Reset on game Restart
Fixed Clouds Shaking a little bit
Fixed Rainbows
Fixed Temperture
Fixed an Error at the Very Start
Fixed some Foggy relayed issues with fog
Fixed Regiment logo at start being Dark and sometimes invisible
Fixed Version number on main menu Unable to fit v5.9.9b


Race now starts at 0 rather then 1
Disabled Planets
Improved Flare Performance
Godrays now interact with Clouds
Improved Main Menu Fog
Camera Distance no longer requires a Restart to apply
Mouse Sensitivity no longer requires a Restart to apply
Chat input is saved between round restarts
Updated /server map

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