AoT:E v5.9.9b has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!

Added Support for Custom Map Titan Spawners
Added some Emission to lava1
Added a tiny Fresnal-like effect in The Forest Which looks like small Reflections of light.
Added the Following Custom map models:
Archway Stairs 1
Archway Stairs 2
Archway Stairs Long 1
Archway Stairs Long 2
Archway Wall 1
Archway Wall 2
Archway Wall Thin 1
Archway Wall Thin 2
Baker Sign
Barrel 1
Barrel 2
Barrel 3
Barrel 4
BlackSmith Sign
Brick 1
Brick 2
Chain Link
Chimney 1
Chimney 1 Short
Chimney 2
Chimney 2 Short
Chimney 3
Chimney 3 Short
Church Sign
Crate 1
Crate 2
Crate 3
Crate 4
Door 1
Door 2
Door 3
Door 4
Door 5
Door 6
Fence 1
Fence 2
Fence 3
Fence 4
Fence 5
Fence 6
Fence Broken 1
Fence Broken 2
Fence Broken 3
Fence Broken 4
Fence Post 1
Fence Post 2
Fence Small 1
Fence Small 2
Fence Small 3
Fence Small 4
Fence Small Broken 1
Fence Small Broken 2
Fire Pit 1
Fire Pit 2
Gravestone 1
Gravestone 2
Hand Cart 1
Hand Cart 2
Hanging Lamp
Hanging Lantern
Hanging Sign 1
Hanging Sign 2
Hanging Sign 3
Hanging Sign 4
Hanging Sign 5
Hanging Sign 6
Hanging Sign 7
Hanging Sign 8
Hanging Sign 9
Hanging Sign 10
Hay Stack 1
Hay Stack 2
House 1 Story
House 2 Story
House Bridge
Inn Sign
Lamp Post 1
Log 1
Log 2
Log Half 1
Log Half Small
Log Small 1
Log Small 2
Market Sign
Market Stall 1
Market Stall 2
Market Stall 3
Market Stall 4
Market Stall 5
Market Stall 6
Path 1
Path 2
Pillar 1
Pillar 2
Pillar Large 1
Pillar Large 2
Pillar Long 1
Pillar Long 2
Pub Sign
Sack 1
Sack 2
Sack 3
Sack 4
SawMill Blade
Sawmill Sign
Shutter Single 1
Shutter Single 2
Shutters 1
Shutters 2
Shutters 3
Shutters 4
Shutters 5
Shutters 6
Shutters 7
Shutters 8
Sign 1
Sign 2
Sign 3
Sign 4
Sign Long 1
Sign Long 2
Sign Long 3
Sign Long 4
Sign Post 1
Sign Post 2
Single Plank 1
Single Plank 2
Single Plank 3
Single Platform 1
Single Platform 2
Single Wood Support 1
Single Wood Support 2
Single Wood Support 3
Single Wood Support 4
Single Wood Support 5
Single Wood Support 6
Small Stairs Long 1
Small Stairs Long 2
Stables Sign
Stairs 1
Stairs 1 1
Stairs 2
Stairs Long 1
Stairs Long 2
Stairs Small 1
Stairs Small 2
Stilted Wooden Pallette 1
Stilted Wooden Pallette 2
Stilted Wooden Pallette 3
Stilted Wooden Pallette 4
Stilted Wooden Pallette 5
Stilted Wooden Pallette 6
Stilted Wooden Pallette 7
Stilted Wooden Pallette 8
Stilted Wooden Pallette 9
Stilted Wooden Pallette 10
Stone Bridge 1
Stone Bridge 2
Stone Bridge 3
Stone Bridge 4
Stone Foundation 1
Stone Foundation 2
Stone Foundation 3
Stone Foundation 4
Stone Window 1
Stone Window 2
Stone Window 3
Stone Window 4
Tailor Sign
Thatched Building
Town Sign
Trader Sign
Vase 1
Vase 2
Vase 3
Vase 4
Vase 5
Vase 6
Wall Thick 1
Wall Thick 2
Wall Thin 1
Wall Thin 2
WaterMill Wheel
Windmill Building
Window 1
Window 2
Window 3
Window 4
Window 5
Window 6
Window 7
Window 8
Window 9
Window 10
Window 11
Window 12
Wood Bridge 1
Wood Bridge 2
Wood Bridge 3
Wood Bridge 4
Wood Bridge 5
Wood Bridge 6
Wood Bridge 7
Wood Bridge 8
Wood Bridge Collapsed 1
Wood Bridge Collapsed 2
Wood Bridge Small 1
Wood Bridge Small 2
Wood Stairs 1
Wood Stairs 2
Wood Stairs 3
Wood Support 1
Wood Support Short
Wooden Foundation
Wooden Pallette 1
Wooden Pallette 2
Wooden Stilt Long 1
Wooden Stilt Long 2
Wooden Stilt Short 1
Wooden Stilt Short 2

Massively improved The City Ground shaders and Textures
Massively improved The City Houses Shaders and Textures
Massively improved The City Walls Shaders and Textures
Massively improved The City Gate Shaders and Textures
These improvements are 100% Experimental and will only stay if you guys want it to
Disabled Automatic Weather, Fixing the Supernova-like sky
Hugely Improved Clouds
Much much better Night time lighting
Improved Rain
Improved Snow
Performance boost with Weather
Improved Atmosphere
Improved Wall shader a bit more
Graphic Draw Distance Default setting moved to 30
New Character Hair Textures by @Art-Does-Not-Compute
New Cape Textures by @Art-Does-Not-Compute
Settings now Reset to Saved when Round restarts
Gave Statue1 a Mesh Collider set to Concave rather then a Box Collider
Improved performance when pressing Quit when loading a custom map
Improved Day time sky Lighting
Improved Night time Sky Lighting
Wagons can now be Properly Pulled by a Horse
Improves Weight of Wagons
Grass No Longer has any Specularity
earth1 and earth2 no longer have any Specularity
ice1 has been adjusted to look Wet
metal1, metal2, metal3, metal4 have had their Specularity Increased
rock1, rock2, rock3, rock4 no longer have any Specularity
stone1, stone2, stone3, stone4, stone5, stone6, stone7, stone8, stone9, stone10 No longer have any Specularity
To access these models Replace “custom” with “aote” and after ‘,’ with one of these names. Do this inside a Custom Map Script.
You can no longer Hook while reloading on the ground
Improved Lighting
Improved Collision when standing on SupplyWagon
Improved Flare Aiming
Brought back FPS Mode Titan Locked Free Mouse
Improved quality of Gas
Drastically Improved quality of Flares
Increased size of flares over time to a max of 5x Spawn size
Flares now produce light in their Trails as well instead of Just the Tip
Re-Enabled Automatic Weather
Time is now Reset when Round Ends

Fixed Unable to gain XP even if the titan size is under 3
Fixed Ahss unable to gain XP
Fixed the following Custom Map models Dissapearing:
AOTTGHOUSE, arena2, arena3, arena4, bridge1, Building IIfix, canal1, CannonBall, CannonBallObject, capsule, castle1, cave1, cave2
Fixed planets rendering on top of everything else
Fixed in Custom map when you looked at the sky it could break the Camera
Fixed The City weird Lighting
Fixed Clouds
Fixed Temperature
Fixed EVERYTHING wrong with Weather
Fixed all brightness issues with Time and Night
Fixed Ultra graphics
Fixed Graphic Draw Distance
Fixed VSync Toggle
Fixed Texture Quality
Fixed Shadow Projection
Fixed Shadow Quality
Fixed Shadow Distance
Fixed FPS Limit
Fixed Anisotropic Filtering
Fixed Apply
Fixed Save
Fixed Load
Fixed Camera Distance
Fixed Camera Sensitivity
Fixed Camera Tilt
Fixed all Effect Toggles
Fixed Speedometer Toggles
Fixed Sceenshot Toggles
Fixed My Chat Name Color
Fixed My Chat Message Color
Fixed Audio Slider and Toggle
Fixed all the Game settings, Not gonna list em all
Fixed the Save, Load, Inside the Game Settings
Fixed Typo: Hero Collision Death Threshold was named “Max” Changed to “Threshold”
Fixed Typo: Shadow Quality was named “Shadow Projection” Changed to “Shadow Quality”
Fixed Camera Distance not Applying correctly
Fixed Graphics Apply applying the Game settings instead
Fixed error when Punk rock hits another Titan
Fixed Tree2 not being visible
Fixed Leaves from RC Trees being one sided
Fixed Tower0 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower1 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower2 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower3 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower4 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower5 From Dissapearing
Fixed Tower From Dissapearing
Fixed Trunk3model From Dissapearing
Fixed Torus From Dissapearing
Fixed TorusModel From Dissapearing
Fixed Statue1 From Dissapearing
Fixed Statue2 From Dissapearing
Fixed Sphere From Dissapearing
Fixed Custom Titan Spawners
Fixed Custom Maps not syncing – I believe
Fixed a chance for the Sky to not Spawn
Fixed Wagons Glitching though the Ground
Fixed Hooks sometimes Sliding off a Wagon
Fixed Texture Grass
Fixed Rain unable to keep up when moving at high speeds
Fixed Being able to break free from a titan by hooking right before being grabbed
Fixed Hooks Sticking to walls after you were Grabbed
Fixed Hooking in the middle of a reload on the ground Finished the reload but the Blades are Invisible
Fixed all Game Settings having Incorrect Referencing breaking Saving and Loading
Fixed Round Restarting Reseting all Graphics to Default
Fixed Round Restarting Resets all Game Settings to previous Save
Completely fixed all Issues with Wagons, all thats left is Features, Standing on wagons and Re-implement wheels spinning
Fixed Black flare being Invisible

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