AoT:E v5.9.9 has been released and can be downloaded from the Discord Server!

Added Grass Length Option
Added Profile Menu
Added User Bio’s
Added Basic User Experience and Level up
Added Levelup message in chat
Added User Tags, Tags will be assigned by myself to people who complete certain Feats. For example Trott got the very first Extreme Combo, so i would give him “First Extreme” Tag or something along those lines.
Added Total Kill count, Will not count if titan size is greater then 5 or titans are paused
Added Average Damage
Added Social Button
Added Total Damage Leaderboard – Disabled
Added Total Deaths
Added basic Friend System – Disabled
Added Basic Friend Request and Accept system
Added Regiment Colors on Profile
Added a check for accounts that havent selected a regiment when viewing their profile.
Added Error text when Accepting or Removing a friend Fails
Added some more buttons to the friend list cause i can
Added Falling leaves in Forest
Added Anti Aliasing Slider
Added more light at Night
Added a Link to Pornhub on the Main Menu
Added support for RC Custom maps
Added Round game type for Custom Maps
Added Tree8 Custom map model – This is a new tree with a Higher Polycount and Detail
Added Tree9 Custom map model – This is a new tree with a Higher Polycount and Detail
Added Tree10 Custom map model – This is a new tree with a Higher Polycount and Detail
Added Tree11 Custom map model – This is a new tree with a Higher Polycount and Detail
Added Waves game type for Custom Maps
Added Racing game type for Custom Maps
Added PVP game type for Custom Maps
Added support for Custom Map Killzones
Added support for Custom Map Checkpoints

Fixed Settings being reset on level restart
Fixed Titan Max size saying Min size instead
Fixed Collision death feed using Wrong Color format
Fixed Outside the Walls checkpoints not having Colors
Fixed Draw Distance not working
Fixed Player Titans
Fixed Pink texture on Supply wagon
Fixed lights on Wagons
Fixed an error with a Button
Fixed Bio’s Not loading
Fixed an issue with Removing/Accepting Friends
Fixed some not very lovely issues with the friend list
Fixed Legacy Clouds.. Finally
Fixed Mouse Sensitivity Slider
Fixed Camera Distance Slider
Fixed the Scroll Position of Pause Menu
Fixed some UI mistakes
Fixed Clouds Sometimes rendering ontop of trees and other faraway or large objects
Fixed the Quality settings UI cause i demolished it accidently.. also gotta fix all the other Pause menu ui….
Fixed all the UI cause i kinda broke it all….
Fixed some Rendering issues with some Models
Fixed some bugs with Racing

Changed Profile button text to “My Profile”
You can no longer gain XP if your Size is greater then 5 or Titans are paused
Changed max size for Xp to 3
Adjusted position of Buttons on Main Menu
Clicking on a User from the leaderboard now loads their Profile
Level up message now says the name of the person who leveled up
Clicking on a friend will now load that friends profile
Re-Enabled Player Titans
Hooks now Attatch to Wagons
Improved wagon physics
Disabled the Social Button…. Idk what to actually put in there currently xD
Minor adjustments to UI
Friend System Complete, Its a bit lacking in features but those will come over time
Huge performance on Clouds
Disabled Grass
Disabled Fancy Clouds
Locked Legacy Clouds On
Removed Grass UI Options
Time now Flows by default
Adjusted Levels
Adjusted the Algorithm behind Levels
Completely redone the Player Network Syncing – Expect bugs

Less Bandwidth Usage
Higher accuracy
Better Latency
Position Prediction
Rotation Prediction
Removed Head Syncing temporarely

Increased the amount of XP required to get to the next level
Cursor is now Locked when you Lock onto a titan in FPS mode
Rewrote TPS camera mode, Can now look 90 degrees down and up, And no longer can go upside down
Improved Camera Collision Detection, You can no longer see under the map
Minor Camera Improvements
Improved Tree Lighting at Night
Damage Score is now Animated
Slightly improved Clouds
Reduced speed of Time
Adjusted time, 1 irl second is 1.5 minutes ingame
Minor Adjustments to UI
Minor Performance boosts
Minor Magical things
Friends will be disabled for this update, (sorry this is taking forever, but its gotten to a point where its no longer under my control as well as any issues with gaining Experience and Viewing profiles, My host is limiting the amount of connections that can be made in so much time, which is Causing the game to fail a lot of connections :\ I have contacted the Support for the host though i havent gotten any results yet.
This also Damages the Social update :sob:)
Performance Improvemenet with a large amount of titan, Animations dont play if a titan is not in view
Reverted Shaders on Wagons to Standard shaders
Improved Wagon Wheel Positions
Updated Shaders in The City – Evolution
Updated more Shaders
Removed some Unused stuff
Performance boost to The Forest
Adjusted the Position of the Camera when The Forest is Loaded
Improved Titan Shaders
Better Ground Detection for Players

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