AoT:E v5.9.4 has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!

Added Titan Health Vary by size
Added a toggle for Collision death for heros, If a person is going a certain speed and hits something they will die
Added Titan Boss Size – When toggled on titan size will also affect Bosses such as Annie
Added Titan Size Weight – a value of 0 means sizes are completely random, a value of 1 means a larger titan is much more common then smaller titans
Added Titan Armor – Similiar to Titan Min damage this acts like a shield protecting the titan from Certain damages, For example if you hit a 3k and the titan had a armor of 1k you will only deal 2k as the armor negated 1k of the damage
Added Titan Regen Vary by size
Added Custom titan Spawnrates
Added a GUI for all Titan Customizations
Added a GUI to alter Gravity and Hero Collision Death
Added Show SnapShot Ingame
Added Invert Camera Y
Added toggle For Speedometers
Added toggle for Titan spawn steam Effect
Added toggle for Slash hit effect
Added toggle for Nape Slice effect
Added toggle for titan blood effects
Added Username Color options – You can now change the color of your username in the Chat
Added Message Color options – You can now change the color of your messages in Chat
Added VSync toggle
Added Texture Quality Slider
Added Shadow Range Setting
Added Shadow Type Slider
Added Anisotropic Filtering Slider
Added Fps limit Setting
Added Shadow Quality Slider
Added Draw distance option
Added Basic Grass In Forest – Will improve on this shader over time
Added Option to adjust Quality of Grass
Added Gas Sounds Volume Slider
Added Gas Sounds Toggle
Added Map Description
Added Outside The Walls Checkpoint Colors


Removed some unused assets reducing filesize
Brought back Original Tree shaders – Improved Color and Lighting
Brought back Original Forest Ground Shaders – Adjusted Saturation
Brought back Original Forest Leaves Shaders – Improved Color and Lighting
Removed some Unused Models reducing Filesize
Completely Removed NGUI, AoTE no longer relies on Anything from Aottg UI related.
Removed some Unused Shaders reducing Filesize
Adjusted Forests overall Lighting, should no longer be Blue
Removed Multiple Unused Scripts reducing filesize
Removed the RC asset bundle.. not really sure why i had it in the first place
Increased how long titans stay down after getting hit in the ankle
Remade Titan Size command, Now its: /titan size [on|off|min|max]
Reworked how titans decide types
Reworked all existing Customizations for titans
New UI now saves and updates the values correctly
Performance boost with Camera
Disabled Rain Fog
Changed Basic Clouds label to: Use Legacy Clouds
Removed the Memory Watcher from the f8 debug info, It is no longer required
Better performance with Ultra graphics
New Cape Textures
New Double Sided Character shader – You can no longer see through the back of the cape or pony tails.
New Eye Textures
New Mouth Textures
New Glasses taxtures
New Skin textures
New Double Sided titan hair shader
Disabled the Overall Graphics Slider For now
Minor tweaks to overall graphics
Loading Settings now also Applies it
Disabled Option to disabled Sky, Seams to be Weather is performant enough that the check to make sure weather is off is heavier then having weather on… somehow… This also works out as weather will become part of the gameplay, so making sure it syncs is important
Increased the Degree the character head can rotate from 50 to 80
Username and Password is now automatically saved
When Looking behind the character, Instead of trying to look in that direction the character will look straight ahead instead
Improved Performance
Minor adjustments to Login UI
Deleted some Unused assets reducing overall file size
Adjusted Lighting in The City – Legacy
Adjusted Lighting in Racing Akina
Adjusted Lighting in Tutorial
Adjusted Lighting in Mew 1k
Adjusted Lighting in Custom
Removed Gas Supply in Custom
Changed Ground texture in Custom to something less Bright
Lighting should now be Consistant across all maps
Increased Width of Map Selection Dropdown to be able to fit The City – Evolution
Titan Health labels should now Sync accurately
Re-enabled Colossal titan
Re-Enabled Outside The Walls
improved Outside The Walls Checkpoint Shaders
While Spiraling Pressing A or D will now change the direction you swing your blades


Fixed an Error at the start while connecting to the servers
Fixed /server map not syncing – Maybe
Fixed some Issues with titan Animation speeds
Fixed Collision Death sometimes not working
Fixed Snapshots
Fixed Minimum damage sometimes not working
Fixed error with Punk rocks
Fixed bug with Draw distance
Fixed an error with Ahss Particles
Fixed some Rendering issues with Grass
Fixed error with The Forest Leaves
Fixed some grammer mistakes in Map Descriptions
Fixed Colossal titan Ground being Skate
Fixed Colossal Titan rare crash
Fixed Colossal Titan Steam not damaging characters
Fixed Colossal Titan Lighting
Fixed Colossal Titan Throwing errors at start
Fixed Outside The Walls Checkpoints
Fixed Checkpoint in Outside The Walls Vanishing if on the edge of the Screen

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