AoT:E v5.9.1 has been released and can be downloaded from the Discord.


Added /pause player [on|off]
Added /pause titan [on|off]
Added /pause all [on|off]
Added /trigger [eventname] – Used for mods to trigger an event in code, Once trigger this cannot be untriggered. Trigger is done via a new Gameobject created under the object called GlobalTriggers.
Added /spawntitan [customTitanRespawn|titanRespawn] [#] – Spawn # titan/s at a Respawn Point.
Added /killhorse [#]
Added /server gravity [#]
Added Sad face Emojis
Added :stuck_out_tongue: Emoji
Added T.T cry Emoji


Fixed Emojis breaking chat if you used one while dead
Fixed the xD Emoji
Fixed Revive being able to be used without MasterClient
Fixed Character Creation
Fixed an error related to reloading skins
Fixed Death reviving you instantly
Fixed a small error which could have been causing minor performance issues


Head rotation is now synced (Should be anyway)
Updated /help
Heads of other people no longer point towards World Origin X0 Y0 Z0
Remade /spawnhorse Its now /spawnhorse [#]
AFK deaths temporarily disabled as possibly sometimes causing immortality at death, but im having trouble finding a stable way to reproduce it

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