AoT:E v5.9 has been released and can be downloaded from the discord server!


Added Regiment Logo on Main Menu
Added AFK system, if player is AFK for 60 seconds they will die. Death from afk will not affect your scores. Afk death also acts as a suicide, meaning you will need to reselect your character. This is to stop you from respawning untill you are back.
Added Damage Speedometer
Added Units per second Speedometer
New Cave Fight wall texture
New Cave Fight wall Shaders
Replaced Titan Skin Texture with a new Texture
Replaced Titan Eye Texture with new Textures
New character Textures – Thanks to Art-Does-Not-Compute
Fixed emojis floating for new players


Improved Cave Fight Lightning
Increased size of fog in Cave Fight
Cleaned up code
Cleaned up Textures
Organized some files
Removed current Friend system – Got a new plan
Possible performance boost
Reduced Crawler Spawnrate
Max Player will now only take 2 numbers
Max Time will now only take 6 numbers
Huge performance boost in main menu 50-60 fps to 200-250 fps
Reduced quality of Smoke effect increasing performance mildly
Texture quality now changes according to your graphics setting Mild performance boost
Reduced fps issues with flares
Blade hitbox’s are how identical to Aottg
Titan Nape Hitbox now identical to Aottg
Titan Forearm Collider now identical to Aottg
Titan Hand Collider now identical to Aottg
Titan Hand hitbox is slightly smaller
Kill feed overlapping should now be better
Kill feed should now look a bit better
Kill feed Score is now using the Lithos Font
Kill feed names are now aligned
Removed Kill Feed Damage Colors, Now all yellow
Crawlers are now a little more rare
suicide is no longer counted as a death
Characters no longer play idle animations in Character creation
You can now rotate around the character in Character Creation
Area lighting in Character Creation. Means no more shadows on the character
Clicking on the News now opens the Official AoTE website
Ingame chat username and sent message now have seperate colors to moe easily identify who said what
Pressing tab in the main menu will select the next UI element. Holding Right/Left shift will change the direction
Weather settings will stay even after a restart
Regiment tags now have their correct colors
Character head will now look where your aiming
Registration will now only support Alphanumeric character in the username
Registration username can now only be 16 characters long
Character head looking is now smoother
Emojis will now trigger from things you say in chat
Your own name is no longer visible over your head to youself
Mew 1k is now less bright
Disabled Color Correction in Post Effects
Reduced Color Enhance
Skins are now reloaded when switching from and too fps camera mode
Headlook is now even smoother, and no longer snaps when you are looking behind the character


Eren titan no longer breaks your character
Eren titan Logic now works and is fully playable just missing animations
Fixed syncing PVP
Fixed mistake in Help, /titan was referred to as /game which is no longer the case
Fixed Top right text only showing time remaining, now shows map, difficulty and camera mode
Fixed Blood Explode effect not instantiating
Fixed Blood Splatter effect not instantiating
Fixed an error thrown after death
Fixed name not showing when playing Ahss
Fixed an error happening in the middle of a major script, this should fix a number of issues
Fixed a minor bug with Character Creation
Fixed Register button when failed getting stuck unclickable
Fixed Change password button getting stuck on Unclickable when failed
Fixed Send Forget Password button getting stuck on Unclickable when failed
Fixed Titan eyes unrendering when at the end of the screen – Bassically i removed the titan Blinking Feature
Fixed Blue, Pink, Yellow Flare indications being the wrong color

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